Raspberry Pi 2 B temperature controller module. Controls heating, air circulation and cooling in oven . Temperature is controlled through Raspberry Pi IP address, locally or through internet.

  • Micro USB power connector left. HDMI for computer screen middle and stereo audio with video connector rightmost.

  • K-type thermocouple wire, direct LAN connector, four USB 2 connectors, one used here for wifi. 1 or 2 used for mouse and keyboard. 6 pin Binder connector for oven three channel control(outputs). 5 pin Binder connector oven door state open or closed(input).

  • Thermocouple wire. Other end is welded(measuring point), measuring oven inside temperature.

  • Adafruit higly accurate MAX 31855 K-type thermocouple wire temperature digitizer module. Connected to Raspberry Pi through GPIO.

  • Breakout Pi board on Rasperry Pi 2 and wires are connected and self made plastic supports between boards and case fixed. On top also is Adafruit MAX31855 PCB module.

  • On breakout board there is ULN2803A chip driving front panel status leds and S216S02(SHARP) triacs inside oven(zero crossing optocouplers). Inputs are connected Raspi GPIO signals.

  • Breakout Board Pi. Can be used also with older Raspberry Pi B and B+.


  • Top view Raspberry Pi 2 B board.

  • Bottom view Raspberry Pi 2 B board.