SilverCrest oven with air circulation, VAC230, 1.380 KW four resistor heating, class door and user controls in front.

  • Cooling modification, fan on backside oven, blowing cool air into oven.

  • Drilled holes mod. for oven cooling with fan backside. Oven inner air circulation fan rightside.

  • Oven backside locking connectors mod. for power and control.

  • One power cord. Two cables and multipin connectors between temperature controller and oven.

  • Three channel mod. zero crossing optoisolated IC triac controllers inside oven, max. 600VAC, 16Amps per controller, varistor protection in each channel.

  • Most original controls are left intact. For example, one can choose to use only upper two heating resistors or lower two or four of them. So, it is possible to use this oven for lower temperature heating than soldering. All wires are heat resistant(Teflon, silicon etc.). Air circulation fan is in the middle.